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Empower Bududa

The Malta Community Chest Foundation seeks crypto donation to support its work that providing financial, material and professional support to people experiencing difficulties because of cancer or severe chronic diseases.

Donations: 236 End-beneficiaries: 1244
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Save The Orphans

There are many children who have lost one parent or both parents. Often fathers abandon their families leaving the mother with the total care of the children. She has no job or income. Living Word Ministries places the orphans with extended family members, such as an aunt or grandmother. Our experience proves that this approach is much more effective than building an “orphanage institution.”

Donations: 208 End-beneficiaries: 11
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African Children

Our mission is to cost-effectively empower young people, children and women choose a better future for themselves within a society that enables positive social changes through facilitating sustainable youth and rural development initiatives in Africa. We envision a society where youths, children and women are seen as assets and resources.

Donations: 31 End-beneficiaries: 345
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Cancer Care

We believe a healthy community is a strong community.We work to create a healthier community by raising funds to invest in critical areas of healthcare needs. Our three areas of focus are access to healthcare.

Donations: 22 End-beneficiaries: 312
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Poverty Alleviation

Rudy De Waele, CEO of Nyota Media, a growth agency for entrepreneurs and start-ups in Africa, recently gave a speech at the Mobile Innovations at the OCE Discovery event in Toronto, Canada.His speech, "To help Africa Develop"

Donations: 21 End-beneficiaries: 342
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Widow Empowerment

Losing a husband or a partner can be an incredibly saddening experience. But for too many women around the world, becoming a widow can also be the beginning of a whole new set of problems and hardships.

Donations: 12 End-beneficiaries: 222
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Community Development

We are passionate about empowering communities where local people are at the centre of change. We have unique expertise in working alongside local communities to strengthen local voices, improve people's lives and create better places to live. Our purpose is to bring together resources,

Donations: 12 End-beneficiaries: 212
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Children Education

With a vision to reduce educational inequality by improving the standard and quality of public primary education in Nigeria. We offer a more simplified and effective platform to avail corporate organizations the opportunity to achieve their corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.

Donations: 12 End-beneficiaries: 117
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